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10 Advantages Of Reading NCERT Books In Comparison To Other Side Books

10 Advantages Of Reading NCERT Books In Comparison To Other Side Books
10 Advantages Of Reading NCERT Books In Comparison To Other Side Books

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NCERT, which stands for National Council of Education, Research, and Training, has made their name remarkable in the field of education by being one of the best textbook distributors at primary and secondary level. When it comes to being parents, yes they can always have doubt on anything. Few must have queries, Are NCERT books enough for scoring good marks? So the answer is yes. NCERT books are stand-alone books which can be proven the best for scoring more than 95% marks in board’s exams. No doubt, the student can refer to other reference books as well but they should ensure first preference should be NCERT.

Here are the advantages that make NCERT standalone warrior against any other books available in the market.


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  • Give You In-Depth Understanding Of Complex Subjects

The NCERT books are well designed such that it covers all the concepts along with its clarity up to the student irrespective of their intelligence level and it also meant to clear students to doubt and polish their basics as well.

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  • Most Of The CBSE Board Questions Are Picked From NCERT Books Only

There's a difference between fact and myth and here NCERT has the all the questions that could be asked in forthcoming board exams is the fact.CBSE board question papers have 99% questions from NCERT only, there’s nothing asked out of the NCERT content.

  • The Important Questions At The End Of Chapters In NCERT Are Mostly Twisted And Asked In Boards

If you closely look at the NCERT books you will find extra questions like match the following, answer in one word and etc. in the end that is the section students miss while preparing from the NCERT books and these are the ones twisted and turned by CBSE to ask in the question paper.


  • NCERT Books Strictly Adhere To CBSE Curriculum

If one has gone through the NCERT books thoroughly, he can answer any question in the exam no matter how twisted question is present there.NCERT provides deep learning which brings clarity of concepts which in turn becomes useful when it comes to answering the most difficult questions that students think have come out of syllabus or from some other reference but one should accept the truth the content provided in NCERT books are strictly in accordance with this CBSE curriculum.

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  • NCERT Books Clear Your Concepts More Than The Side Books

The ideal way of studying is to give the first preference to the NCERT books which are effective in clearing concepts and don't forget to make handy revision notes for later use. So that in the end days it can help in quick revisions. The best thing about the NCERT books are they give you better understanding and clarity of concepts and this is where other books lack.

  • CBSE Itself Prescribes NCERT Books

CBSE has itself prescribed the NCERT books always and even they have asked private schools do not refer any other books to students which are meant to be total wastage of time and burdening student's life. They said and meant it NCERT books are alone sufficient to score good marks in boards, there’s no need of unnecessary pushing your limits and studying from so many other books to cover the same syllabus.

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  • NCERT Books Are Published In A Simple Language Than Other Side Books

Students are strictly advised by CBSE to carefully study NCERT books only as the NCERT books are written and published in such an easily understandable language that helps the student to clear their concepts and prepare well for the exams while other books in comparison may have language that goes out of the student's mind and often lead to the chaos in the end.

  • NCERT Books Save A Lot Of Time In Exam Preparation

With the ease of language, students can learn concepts from NCERT books in less time as compared with other books so it saves a lot of time when it comes to time management in exam preparation. The time could be utilized on the topics where the student's lack or need little practice more.NCERT books are such a savior.

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  • Study From NCERT Books For A Month And Pick Past Question Papers. You Will Be Able To Answer Them In A Flash

Once you stick to NCERT and had done a month with it.Just check your knowledge by attempting any past question paper and you will find yourself answering even the tougher one because of clarity of concepts matters along with understandability that brings itself the knowledge of how to deal with twisted questions.

  • NCERT Books Are Enough To Score Handsome Percentage In CBSE Boards

It clears your concept, has better understandable language, has all of the content of syllabus and the perk is, It is recommended by the CBSE itself what else you need to rely on except NCERT books to score handsome percentage in CBSE board exams.

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