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Few Tips To Help Your Child Crack The School Admissions Interview

Few Tips To Help Your Child Crack The School Admissions Interview
Few Tips To Help Your Child Crack The School Admissions Interview

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“The roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet”, these famous words of Aristotle remind us about the struggle of getting our toddler cross the hurdle of the first interview. The exercise ranges from deciding the school to securing admission and settling your tot in the new atmosphere. In today’s competitive world, the admission process in schools has also become more complex and tough. Unlike before, a child, as well as his parents, are subject to interviews and in some cases, written tests too. The school admission is particularly considered a Herculean task. It is a testing time more for the parents than the kids. Getting the child acquainted with the atmosphere and preparing him to perform as per the norms of the school is a tiresome task. Following are a few tips to help you pass through this nerve wrecking experience and effectively prepare your child for a successful school admission.




Why Do Schools Conduct Interview For Admission?

Most schools have mandatory oral interviews, while some of them do conduct written entrance tests also. Though there have been many debates and opinions on the way these tests are conducted, it may well be mentioned here that these school interviews assess the students, their readiness for school, and to some extent, the parents. School interviews help school authorities figure out any special needs of your child so as to enable any required learning support. School interviews also let your child’s readiness for kindergarten entry, and help to get to know a student beyond the academics. It also helps parents to to question and ask anything they would like to know about a school.




    1. Built a bond with your child: According to Psychoanalyst Erik Erikson, a child experiences different phases of psychological transformation. The age between 0-2 years is about hope and trust. The trust created by the child for the parents can be utilized for developing confidence in a child. You ought to build up a good open relationship with your child so he/she feels that he can trust you.
    2. Research: Do an intensive research about the school in which you need your kid to be conceded into. All schools are certain about what they anticipate from their future students. Ask what will be asked amid the interview and written tests. You can even connect with the parents of children who are now studying in the respective school and get hands-on counsel from them. Gather as much data conceivable including the inquiries normally asked in the specific school. This will enable you in setting up your youngster to ace the meeting.
    3. Brush the basics: Regardless of whether the school experts don't especially specify about questioning shape colours during admission, it is normal that your child would know them. Begin with the name of respective school, parents, their profession, residence, nation and so forth. Likewise catch up on different basics, for example, colours, alphabets, numbers, fruits, vegetables, shapes, flowers, national anthem of the country and so forth.
    4. Play smart: The authorities will judge your child’s communication, interaction, motor, cognitive and academic skills. Identify your child’s shortcomings and work harder on that aspect. It could be speech, body language, attention, handwriting, anything. Puzzle solving is another great way to hone a kids’ dexterity and problem-solving skills.
    5. Be strict with cleanliness: Imagine your tot being rewarded a chocolate by the headmistress for faring well through the interview, and he litters the chocolate wrapper on her table! Yes, cleanliness habits reflect in the interview. He may also be asked whether he washes hand before eating/after using toilet? Teach your child to be neat and clean right from the childhood. Keep practicing cleanliness exercises in play way method. Teach cleanliness rituals to your kid, practice, preach and follow the same.




  1. Dress appropriately: Dress your child neatly. Avoid glittery and frilly dresses, and try to make your child wear minimal accessories. Dress the child in comfortable, airy clothes. Even for you, try wearing simple formal clothes. Avoid bright and gaudy colours and glittery ornaments.
  2. Encourage Child to Talk: Most kids shy from communicating their perspectives before outsiders. To conquer this obstacle amid admission, focus on their social communication. You may give your child a chance to chat in English at family social affairs or with your office mates. Request that he present himself by making eye contact, shaking hands and answering questions. Urge him to arrange his suppers at an eatery or answer the telephone.
  3. Do your homework: Parents are also asked various questions when they come to schools seeking admission for their child. You might be asked about your interests, activities, lifestyle and work. Some schools also ask parents how they deal with challenging situations like fussy eaters and striking the child. Be sure you do not run a surprised face there!
  4. Briefing about the Big day: Brief your child about the school and the questions to be asked in the interview. Take your child to the school before the interview and show him/her the campus, allow him to interact with people over there. Most of the school allows this in order to break the normal belief that Kindergarten interview is a nightmare for the kid
  5. Spread glee: Most important thing, ask them to smile generously. Crack jokes or make them happy so that they will be relaxed. Children, especially between the ages of 2 to 4 years, perform well in happy surroundings. They bring out their best in academics and also co-curricular activities when they are happy. A child’s smile is heavenly and pays off all the dues.




Apart from these, familiarize your child with the interview/test environment by conducting mock tests. If you falter, feel free to approach performance coaches; they’ll help you and your kid in preparing for admission. Also, rehearse the anticipated questions for your (parent’s interview). Do not overdress or empower the ambiance with your perfume or a Gucci bag. Lastly, Chill! Stay positive and make this admission preparation fun for your little one.
“Don’t limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time”.
– Rabindranath Tagore


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