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10 Simple And Easy Tips To Ace The Board Exams

10 Simple And Easy Tips To Ace The Board Exams
10 Simple And Easy Tips To Ace The Board Exams

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Every good student is always worried when it comes to board exams. As the 10th and 12th boards exams are just a couple of months away, students must be striving to perform their best and score brilliantly so as to get an opportunity to live their dreams. You might be now wondering how to cope up with the stress and score maximum irrespective of all the exam pressure. Well to answer that everyone can score well in board exams if he/she follows a few simple tips. Let’s take a glance at what all it takes to ace the board exams.


  1. Appropriate timing for every question
    Time allocation plays a crucial role when it comes to problem-solving. Try to allot time to every kind of questions so that you don’t end up spending more time on easier questions carrying less weight age. It will provide you more time to focus on difficult ones the ones carrying more marks.
  2. Recheck your answer sheet
    Most of the students either don’t get enough time to recheck their answer sheet or they don’t pay much heed to recheck. However, you should avoid this try to complete your paper at least 20 minutes earlier so that you have enough time to correct your mistakes. You should also check for any unattempted question.
  3. Balanced and to-the-point writing
    You should always keep in mind that your writing should be clear and to-the-point. Writing too much for a question that doesn’t need a long answer will result in the scarcity of time for other lengthy questions. Similarly writing less for a question that requires a detailed answer may also result in loss of marks. Thus you should write accordingly.
  4. Sequencing
    Needless to say, an answer written in points will bring you more marks than a does a long piece of writing. You should highlight your answer point wise with the most important one in the beginning and the least important one in the end. Practice beforehand if needed so that you write appropriately on the d-day.
  5. Paragraphing
    In some subjects such as social science and languages, there will always be some questions which will require large answers which are generally difficult to comprehend. Therefore to avoid any confusion you should learn how to divide such answers into paragraphs where there is an association of similar points. One should read as many books as possible to get good command over the language.
  6. Make the answer presentable
    You can emphasize your answer by drawing diagrams and flow charts wherever possible. Also, the diagrams should be neat and well defined and not shabby. For that don’t hesitate to use rulers and compass. Also, highlight the main points in your answer by underlining it so that the invigilator doesn’t miss on important points. Also, try to avoid any cuts or strokes so that your answer looks neat.
  7. Avoid grammatical errors
    Grammar plays an important role in leaving a good impression on the invigilator and getting good marks. Practice more and more and avoid grammar and spelling mistakes in your writings. If you are not very good at grammar then try to form simple and easy sentences and words rather than complex ones.
  8. Content quality
    If you wish to score excellent marks in board exams, you should keep in mind that it requires you to write clear and to-the-point answers and not useless stories. Don’t write unnecessary stuff just for the sake of writing a lengthy answer. You won’t be provided marks for length but rather for content. Thus master the art of writing and score effectively.
  9. Good handwriting
    It is always said that handwriting doesn’t matter much in higher classes. But that doesn’t mean you don’t pay any heed to it. For making your answer readable it is necessary that you write in a good handwriting. If your handwriting is neat, viable and easy to read the examiner consciously or unconsciously checks your answer sheet generously and you might get a few extra marks.
  10. Concentration and focus
    Make sure that you are fully attentive during the exam, both physically and mentally. There should be no distraction. Focus mainly on your paper and avoid looking here and there. Also, carry every necessary item with yourself so that you don’t have to ask for stuff from your peers and eventually waste time.



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